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Welcome to the Dragonswood. This vast forest covers the majority of the largest southern continent, Cruinde.

Major Mythologies
Tze Reladhum – Orc Mythology
Helaleved – Dwarf Mythology
Draconyma – Human Mythology
Duan de Cethard – Elven Mythology

Dragonslough: The major city where the players begin their adventure
Dragonswood: The forest that has enormous trees that vaguely resemble perched dragons.
Dragonspine: The mountain range running the length of much of the continent.

Hap Kordt: Dragonslough’s Regent, the leader of the city and the lands nearby controlled by the humans.
Grim Wyrmbank: Low Constable, the commander of the human military forces stationed in Dragonslough.
Finn: Missing merchant from Dragonslough.
Anara: Finn’s wife.
Rash: One of Finn’s guards.
Steen: One of Finn’s guards.
Shara: Elf freed by the group.
Vindil: Elf freed by the group.
Macarn: Dwarf freed by the group.
Liam: Local farmer freed by the group.
Sonja: Liam’s wife freed by the group.
Nirk, Pex, and Meepug: Kobold leaders cousins freed by the group.

Main Page

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