Tze Niniona

Katuhl looked upon Grindh and loved her.

Grindh let her wroth fade and beheld Katuhl and knew she loved him.

They embraced and took great joy in their union. They walked the world together many days and many nights among the wonders of the world. When they rested they lay with one another and felt blessed with their great joy.

One evening Grindh lay Katuhl’s left hand upon her stomach and he was astonished as he drew his hand away. Upon his palm stood their five daughters as if new grown fingers. With pride he raised them to the sky that would forever bear the mark of his palm and his daughters.

Daja, god of nature and Midyear (the transition from summer to autumn)
Vlaja, god of fertility and spring
Helaja, god of The Hunt and summer
Ija, god of fortune and autumn
Talaja, god of slumber and winter

Tze Niniona

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